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My ebooks are still exclusive to Amazon, but you can now find my paperbacks on a wider variety of sites, including Barnes & Noble, Walmart . com, Books a Million, and many more! No matter where you live or prefer to shop, you should have options and a variety of ways to find my paperbacks.

I'm getting closer to finishing my draft of the Curveball novella I'm writing. The ebook version will be a gift for my newsletter subscribers, but I'm planning to sell a paperback version as well for those readers who don't like the ebook format. The events in the novella will take place chronologically between the those in Curveball and Out of the Park, and will be number 1.5 in the series. It will also contain a few hints about what (and who) the third book in the series will be about! I don't have a publication date or blurb for that one yet, but just know it's in the works!

Copyediting has started on The Honeymoon, and that one is still coming out early in 2023. It's a standalone book and isn't set in the Curveball world.

Giving thanks for my readers on this Thanksgiving weekend!

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November 23, 2022

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