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Anne Trowbridge Books


Romance. Humor. Angst. Travel. Baseball. Did I mention angst?

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Curveball: A Love Story

One bad pitch can change the whole game


Not to mention your life....


Zach Hiller was an ace pitcher for the New York Yankees until the day he lost everything in a catastrophe that he now remembers painfully as “The Curveball Incident”. Then, after two years of hiding from his past— spent mostly in Dublin, serving beer to tourists and throwing a stress ball against the walls of his messy apartment—his life goes up in flames once more, this time when an American named Emma Crawford walks into his pub and immediately takes to his tidy non- existence like a sunshine sledgehammer. How is he supposed to stay depressed, not to mention incognito, when this beautiful, stubborn, and funny woman is tearing down all his defenses? Emma has it all, including a brand-new fiancé, degree, and opportunity to explore every corner of Ireland for a summer. But all it takes is one chance encounter with a mysterious and brooding bartender from Texas to make her start questioning everything she thought she knew about herself. Together they have enough problems to fill an ocean. So why is it impossible to even consider spending the summer apart?

This title is book one in The Curveball Incident Series.

Out of the Park.jpg
Out of the Park

He was a rookie with a bright future


Until that one pitch came along....


One game, one pitch. That’s all it took to change the course of Tommy Layton’s life forever. One minute he’s a rookie phenom burning it up in the major leagues and contending for Rookie of the Year. A split- second later, he’s on the injured list, deeply depressed, and trying to figure out how he’s going to get back everything he’s lost.


Lucy Valente understands all too well because she’s lost everything, too—her parents, her career, her money, and, most of all, her sense of hope. A chance encounter ignites a fire for both of them, but they’re stuck in the lowest valleys of their lives, so the timing couldn’t be worse. Lucy can’t seem to embrace the love and happiness she knows Tommy represents. And while he wants to give her the space she needs, he also realizes their chance to be together is quickly disappearing. How can they find their happily-ever-after when it feels like their happily-right-now is impossible?


This title is book two in The Curveball Incident Series.

The Honeymoon

When Olivia  and her cold feet join an unsuspecting John at the altar, neither one can possibly guess the future that awaits them: A guilty bride, a suspicious groom, an agonizing reception, a break up at 32,000 feet, nonstop bickering, jealousy, and a meltdown in the airplane bathroom—and the honeymoon’s just getting started!


About the Author

Anne Trowbridge lives in New Jersey with her husband, kids, and two dogs. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s working her way through careers like she’s marking off a bingo card, with years spent as a newspaper reporter, book editor, middle school language arts teacher, and now writer. She grew up all over the Midwest and somehow still loves to travel and see new places.

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