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Reviews for Curveball: A Love Story

“A great love story. Very well written. I couldn’t put the book down. It held my interest right until the end.” —Amazon reader


“This is a beautifully written fast paced story, with romance, emotions, and love, which leads to a sweet, heartwarming, and entertaining page turner.” —Goodreads reader


“I got the book yesterday and can’t put it down! I absolutely love it.” —Facebook review


“The author definitely knocked it out of the park with this novel. It’s a perfect summer read. The characters are so intriguing that you truly begin to care about them and root for their relationship! I highly recommend.” —Amazon reader


“This is a fast-paced read with fun characters. The author really describes Ireland well so you don’t feel lost. She paints layers of the main character’s MLB career, so it feels authentic but appealing any audience.” —Amazon reader


“A wonderful love story that kept me wanting to read ‘just one more chapter.’ Having been to Ireland, the scenic locations made the story so easy to visualize and to reminsc! Can’t wait for book number two!” —Amazon reader


“Easy read with fun characters. The author keeps the story moving with witty dialogue and a great setting in Dublin.” —Goodreads reader


“Fantastic sports romance novel that will sweep you off the floor into a swoon worthy romance. It's a heartwarming, sweet and entertaining book that I devoured within a few hours.” —Booktalkopedia blog


“Trust me, you shouldn't miss out on this one!”—books_and_associates blog


“Great story, both my husband and I liked it. Couldn't put it down. Looking forward to the next book!” —Amazon reader


“A wonderful love story that takes place in Ireland. I have personally been to many of the locations in the book, which made it delightful to read!” —Goodreads reader

“I really enjoyed this sweet love story from a very promising author.” —Amazon reader

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