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Curveball: A Wedding Novella is live! This book continues the story of Zach and Emma, who readers met in Curveball: A Love Story.

Readers can get the free ebook version with sign-up to my newsletter here:

I will also offer a paperback version for sale for readers who don't like to read on screens. It's currently being processed and should be live on Amazon within the next 24-48 hours. It will also be available soon widely on other sites, such as Barnes & Noble.

Here's the blurb for the novella:

Zach and Emma are getting married!

Everything should be perfect...and then the guests showed up.

Zach should be having the best weekend of his life: He’s in intensive training, working to take full advantage of the opportunity he’s been given to recapture his old spot on the Yankees, and he’s getting married in a romantic ceremony on the beach to the love of his life. Emma should be in heaven too. She’s marrying her soulmate, plus she gets to do what she loves best: read guidebooks and plan a series of excursions for their wedding guests.

The weekend should be absolutely perfect…but instead, everything is a total disaster. Emma’s family can’t accept that she broke her engagement to Jim, and they don’t trust that Zach is going to be a worthy partner, given his past. As if getting ripped apart by half the wedding guests weren’t bad enough, Zach’s got problems of his own, since the baseball world isn’t exactly lining up to welcome him back into the fold.

With everyone against them and nothing working according to plan, how can Zach and Emma launch their new lives together? This novella is a follow-up to the book Curveball: A Love Story, where Zach and Emma’s story began.


This title is book 1.5 in The Curveball Incident Series.

Please let me know on social media or through reviews whether you enjoyed revisiting Emma and Zach as much as I enjoyed writing this novella!

Keep reading!


March 13, 2023

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