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New Series!

I've been a little quiet on here lately, but I've been busy writing! Last year I wrote a trilogy about the Cruz brothers. They shared a traumatic childhood that grew from their dad's inability to accept that youngest son Max developed a childhood stutter. As the dad's exasperated taunting of Max escalated, so did Max's anxiety. And then one day he stopped talking altogether...

The Distance Between Us: A Hidden-Identity Romance: This is Max's story. He's been locked in trauma and silence for years. And then bubbly Lily moves in next door, and suddenly almost anything feels possible.

The Friendship Divide: A Friends-to-Lovers Romance: When Max shut down, his brother Jake stepped in as his protector, father, and best friend. Now that Max is standing on his own two feet, where does that leave Jake? And how long should he keep protecting Max by holding on to an explosive family secret?

What Separates Us: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance: When their family detonated, Mitch took off to California, taking with him a few explosive secrets of his own, secrets so powerful that he's given up his home, family, and well-being just to keep them hidden. When Jake's big secret finally emerges, is it time for Mitch to release some truth bombs of his own?

So that's the new series. The first two books (Max and Jake's stories) are out now, available in Kindle Unlimited, ebook, and paperback formats. Mitch's story is available for ebook preorder.

Once Mitch's story is live, I'll be turning my attention back to the Curveball Incident Series, which is my baseball romance series. Book one was about Zach, the pitcher who walked away from his contract and team when he couldn't handle the mistake he made. Book two was about Tommy, the player Zach injured. Tommy found himself on the Injured List and in the sidelines of the life he once knew.

Book three will be up next in the series, and it's about Zach's big brother Zeke. When Zach melted his own career down, he had no idea the effects that his decision would have on his big brother and Zeke's own baseball dreams. Book four will be a villain's tale! Remember Jim? Emma's former fiance? The last time we saw him, he was getting tossed out of Emma and Zach's wedding. What happened next, and can he ever possibly redeem himself after the crazy scene he caused or the pain he inflicted on Emma and Zach?

So that's what's on the horizon here in my little world of romances with heart, longing, angst, banter, and baseball. (:

Keep reading!


June 9, 2024

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