It's live!

Out of the Park, my follow-up book to Curveball, is live on Amazon! I'm so excited to share Tommy's story with you. Tommy, you might remember, is the rookie who gets hit by that blistering curveball off pitching ace Zach Hiller. Zach's story, and the way his life unfolded from that terrible incident, is the subject of Curveball. But two lives were affected in that split second. Yes, Zach's life veered off in ways he never could have imagined, but so did Tommy's.

Tommy was a rookie on the Baltimore Orioles who was making a meteoric rise in the Majors. He was even getting Rookie of the Year and MVP chatter, but all of those exciting possibilities vanished in an instant when Zach released that wild curveball. Suddenly he's injured, away from his team and the sport he loves, and swimming in depression and regret.

Lucy's got her own depression and regret, and she certainly doesn't need anyone else's. But when these two worlds collide one day in the park, well...maybe life doesn't seem so awful after all!

Get your copy of Out of the Park today, and find out what happens to Tommy. And who knows, maybe Zach and Emma might even make an appearance!

Speaking of Zach and Emma, I'm currently writing a new story for them. It's going to be a novella, free to my newsletter subscribers. Details coming soon!

Keep reading!


October 29, 2022

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