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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Lots of stuff is happening in my writing world. The biggest change, which you might have already noticed, is that the Curveball Incident Series has new covers! The original covers did a terrific job of letting readers know the books are set in the world of baseball, but they didn't do much to tell readers they were romances. I'd been wanting to address that issue for a while, but since the novella is coming, I figured I'd better change the covers now so that the novella's cover matches the new look. Now that the covers are done, work on the novella can get back on track. As a reminder, the novella will be:

  1. About Zach and Emma (from Curveball).

  2. Available for sale widely as a paperback.

  3. Available for free as an ebook for my newsletter subscribers!

I've also got two Kindle Vellas available, if you enjoy reading in short episodes. The Honeymoon, which is complete as a Vella, will be my next book that I'll release once the novella comes out. The Bridesmaid is still being updated on Vella (on Amazon).

I've been working on a new book as well. It's pretty different from anything I've done before. For one thing, the main characters are in their 20s, so they're younger than my previous characters. And I'm writing it in first person, which is new for me. Much of the romance world has shifted from third person to first person, so I'm giving it a try! I don't have an official blurb written for it yet, but the trope is two people getting to know each other online and anonymously. Sort of a pen-pal kind of story. I'll let you know when I've got an official blurb!

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February 8, 2023

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